There are 3 major trackers that track a lot of E-Learning content and E-Books open for signup as of 27/1/2008 16:00 Sri Lankan Time. From Science fiction stories to CISCO exams tutorials, these trackers bring thousands of books to your fingertips.

Site Name: Docs.Torrents.Ro

Site Name: eBookVortex

Site Name: Textbook Torrents

Site Name: ElbitZ.NET

  • Signup URL: Registrations closed. Registrations will be open from 5th March onwards.
  • Category: E-Learning, E-book, Documentaries, Text books

Enjoy the read!


  1. Geekman // 3/17/2008 06:19:00 AM  

    Okay, I really have to say this. Textbook Torrents is not an e-learning/documentary tracker. It is textbook-only. From the site rules:

    "A basic rule of thumb to determine if something is acceptable: if you can find it in the courses section of your local university bookstore, it's fair game."

    Thanks for the publicity, though. We get a steady trickle of redirects from this post. ;)

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/17/2008 07:47:00 AM  

    Sorry about the misinterpretation. Anyway we are hoping to post 'featured torrent site of the week' type of thing so we'll be featuring TextBookTorrents in it due to its uniqueness once again.

    Glad to be of any help to the BT community which has given us a lot indeed. Keep

  3. Geekman // 3/20/2008 06:54:00 AM  

    Sounds like a neat idea. There are enough underappreciated torrent sites out there to merit it, to be sure – I'm not being self-referential here, honestly, I'm not. ;) I am flattered to see that you hold the site in such high esteem.