EFF Releases Packet-Filtering Detector

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Think your Internet service provider is “blocking, jamming, or degrading” your “ability to use particular applications, services,
or protocols?” The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) wants to help via Wireshark, software it released in late November to help verify or discount such suspicions.

The EFF is also including documentation on how to use the packet-forgery tester. The release stems from EFF accusations that Comcast used packet-forgery techniques to purposely interfere with file sharers’ activities. The EFF says it ran separate tests in October with the Associated Press and others showing Comcast was forging packets “to interfere with its subscribers’ and other Internet users’ ability to use file-sharing applications, like BitTorrent and Gnutella.”
The goods are available at www.eff.org/wp/detecting-packet-injection.

Source: Computer Power User (February 2008)