PC Booster 2008 build 102

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PC Booster contains all the secrets to making your computer fast and stable in minutes - without spending a single $ on hardware!
You can turn your PC into a stable, productive and speedy machine, by simply clicking a few buttons. If you can surf to this website, you can easily tune up your PC in less then 5 minutes - and without being a PC expert!


  • Protect your privacy by Deleting Cookies and cleaning up the Temporary Internet Files and History files that are taking up precious hard disk space.
  • Prevent Windows Crashes by unloading DLL files, belonging to previously closed programs, which are still hogging your memory.
  • Make your CD-ROM run at a faster speed for viewing of multimedia VCDs, DVDs and enhanced game playing. Usually windows sets it at a lower speed.
  • Add/remove Windows Start Menu Options. Customize your default 'My Documents' folder, remove 'Favorites', 'Windows Update' options and more customizations.
  • Enable Fast Shutdown and auto close of non-responding applications.
  • Change File Cache Size, Improve Core System Paging, Enable Boot Menu, Auto Run Scan Disk etc and many more tweaks!

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