SAS - Survival Secrets (UKTV)

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From surviving torture to storming a hostage situation, SAS Survival Secrets presents a fascinating look into covert operating techniques and strategies needed to survive the world's toughest and most respected military force. Former SAS Sergeant Eddie Stone and his team of former SAS soldiers guide viewers through a variety of SAS operations.

Guardians Against Terror DVD Behind Ememy Lines DVD

The torrent includes the following episodes:

Sabre Squadron Presents a realistic recreation of an assault by an SAS Sabre Squadron Force, as well as a look at the way that SAS recruits are selected.

File Names: S01E1 S01E2

Guardians Against Terror Offers a realistic recreation of SAS close protection bodyguard techniques. Also features analyses of well-known hostage rescues and assassination attempts.

File Names : S02E1 S02E2 S02E3

Behind Enemy Lines Features a recreation of a typical SAS mission. Eddie Stone and other veterans further explain their weaponry, combat evasions and survival tactics.

File Names: S03E1 S03E2


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