We've decided to post regular notifications of private torrent trackers which are open for new registrations. Here is the first of such posts.

Note: Trackers mentioned below are open at the time of post. We cannot comment on the duration they will remain open. Chances are that Signups will close after a short while so register as soon as possible.

Following trackers are open as of 9.31 PM Sri Lankan Time, 3/1/2008

Site Name: RockBox

Site Name: SceneMachine

Site Name: Bit Reactor

Site Name: Sport-Scene.net

Site Name: HD-bits.ro

Site Name: Torrent Storage

Site Name: Gfxnews.ru

Site Name: Diwana.org

  • Signup URL: http://diwana.org/signup.php
  • Category: All
  • Australia based tracker which tracks a lot of Australian TV shows, movies and other torrents. Even tracks highlights of cricket matches which Australia takes part of.

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  1. vimasuma // 1/04/2008 09:01:00 PM  

    Portable Nero En-Fr (Win) | 11-20 MB | RS
    English & French. Tested only on french Windows XP SP2

    I love this portable nero. But it's only a trail version. PL. help me to find a key.I downloaded this from