Radiotracker Platinum brings you free MP3 music, MusicFinder with a super-efficient Wish List function, a free, updateable music database, a built-in directory of internet radio broadcasters containing over 15,000 listings, access to 77 music genres, multiple parallel streaming from an unlimited number of internet radio stations, management of favorite and blacklisted stations, audio studio, automatic cut, volume normalization and transition fading functions, an ID3 tag search agent and editor, automated album cover and lyric searching, Podcast downloads, a ring tone generator and a built-in Player that lets you listen to your favorite stations, play back music, burn CDs and synchronize music with MP3 players, Apple iPods and other mobile devices.

MP3 MusicFinder with wish list function

  • Searches 15,000 Internet radio stations for music from 100,000 artists
  • Convenient Artist Browser makes choosing desired artists easy
  • Automatically create wish lists that fill in your existing music collection
  • Create and simultaneously manage multiple wish lists
  • Import and export wish lists
  • Get new inspiration from the online Wish List Community
  • Add new items to your wish list directly from the integrated media player
  • Monitor more than 2,000 Internet radio stations at the same time
  • Monitoring process uses no Internet bandwidth

Aurorip - Select your music genre, click on Start and you're off!

  • Music genres with tens of thousands of MP3s available at a click
  • Configurable limit for DSL bandwidth usage
  • Configurable limit for the number of Internet radio stations to be simultaneously recorded
  • Programmable timer to keep data volumes at desired levels

Internet radio recording

  • 15000 Internet radio stations
  • Automatically generate MP3 files from recordings
  • Simultaneously record from as many Internet radio stations as you want
  • Listen to one station while you're recording another
  • Programmable recording timer
  • Automatically populates ID3 tags and album cover artwork
  • Automatically imports lyrics from the Internet and saves them with your music
  • Automatic cut, volume normalization and fading functions
  • Audio Studio that lets you post-process the start and end of each music track as desired
  • Recording filter for preventing the redundant recording of music pieces
  • Automatically analyzes your existing music collection as input for the recording filter

Locate and manage Internet radio stations

  • Search by music genre, artist, quality and station name
  • Preview each Internet radio station's upcoming playlist
  • Define and manage favorite stations as collections
  • Supports management of multiple favorites collections
  • Define a blacklist of unwanted Web radio stations
  • Import and export blacklist and favorites lists
  • Exchange favorites lists with other users in the Community
  • Visit any Internet radio station's Web site with a single click

Locate and manage podcasts

  • Integrated podcast directory with listings for multiple tens of thousands of podcasts
  • Self-updating function for the integrated podcast directory
  • Powerful full text search for podcasts
  • Podcast database sorted by language and category
  • Subscribe to and download podcast episodes
  • Media player for playing back both audio and video podcasts
  • Simultaneously download multiple podcasts

Convenience functions

  • Playback recorded MP3 music with the built-in media player
  • View and edit ID3 tags, album cover artwork and lyrics
  • Sort and filter playlists
  • Synchronize music with MP3 players, mobile phones, iPods, PDAs, etc.
  • Create mobile phone ring tones from recorded music
  • CD burner supporting audio CDs, MP3 CDs and MP3 DVDs

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