Creating Videos and Watching Your Favorite Movies

Watch and burn Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs

DVD Suite 6 offers a cool choice for video enthusiasts and movie fans. Love to edit high-definition home videos and watch the latest movies on Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs, or are you simply looking for the best home-theater playback quality available for DVDs?

  • DVD Suite 6 Pro for creating DVDs of your videos, editing videos automatically, and watching DVD movies with home theater audio.

Burning and Archiving Your Precious Data

Burn any disc and any fileDVD Suite 6 provides tools to back up data on all kinds of disc formats, leverage discs as a hard disk-like storage device, and archive data on your PC. You choose the features that matter.

  • DVD Suite 6 Pro for creating secure discs, auto archiving data, and burning to DVDs.

Auto fix photos and rip MP3s from CDsFixing Photos and Working with Other Utilities

DVD Suite 6 is packed with features that let you make the most of music and photos. You can make quick fixes with all kinds of photo tools. Rip MP3 files from CDs and create music discs. Design stunning disc labels and CD cases from a library of high-definition images or your own picture collection.

  • DVD Suite 6 Ultra and Pro for fixing backlighting and making color corrections, putting 5.1 Dolby Digital audio on your disc menus.

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