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This is an extension to our previous post. The torrent featured in this post contains G.I. Joe comics released between 2003-2008 while the earlier contained 1982-2003 releases.

Since its debut in 1982, the comic book history of G.I. Joe has seen three separate publishers and four main-title series, all of which have been based on the Hasbro toyline of the same name. The first series was produced by Marvel Comics between 1984 and 1993, running for 155 issues and spawning several spin-off titles through out the course of its run; the second series was a short-lived run published by Dark Horse Comics in 1996; and the third and fourth series are in current production by Devil's Due (the first 25 issues of series three was published by Image) and also feature several spin-off books.


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The Torrent featured in this post contains comics from the following series:

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero v2 26-43
In July 2001, Devil's Due acquired the rights to G.I. Joe and released a four-issue limited series thru Image Comics entitled G.I. Joe (vol. 1), written by Josh Blaylock with John Larter and Steve Kurth as the artists. The title quickly became known to the fans as A Real American Hero Volume 2 (following from Marvel's original series) or G.I. Joe Reinstated (the title of the first four-issue arc). A comics convention special was released before the first issue. Strong sales on the limited series led to it being upgraded to an ongoing series with the publication of a fifth issue and a monthly schedule. The new series picked up seven years after the end of the Marvel Comics series and used elements from the animated TV series.  Devil's Due later broke with Image Comics and took over the publishing of the book.

Arashikage Showdown
A single digest featuring Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Jinx, Scarlett, Kamakura, TJBang, Nunchuk and Budo. The martial experts try to recover the secret scrolls of the Arashikage Ninja Clan, to which several of them belong. This book has been considered to be non-canon by fans as it incorporates magical and fantasy elements not present in the main series.

G.I. Joe: Master and Apprentice I & II
These were two four-issue limited series written by Brandon Jerwa. Volume 1 was about how Snake Eyes met and trained his apprentice Kamakura, while Volume 2 focused on Storm Shadow and his apprentice/lover Junko Akita.

G.I. Joe: America's Elite
G.I. Joe: America's Elite, officially entitled G.I. Joe Comic Book Volume 2 on the inside cover, is the current main G.I. Joe title. It started with a "zero" issue and picked up the story one year after the events of the last issue of G.I. Joe: Reinstated. The series features a darker tone and a smaller group of Joes than in Reinstated. The series starts off with the president asking General Joseph Colton, the original G.I. Joe, to be the team's C.O., replacing General Hawk, who was paralyzed in the previous series. Character profiles are provided in the Data Desk Handbook, as well as in individual issues. Joe Casey wrote the first eighteen issues before editor Mike O'Sullivan wrote issues #19 and 20. Mark Powers and Mike Bear became the current writer and penciller on the book with #21. Issue 25 marked the beginning of the 12-issue "World War III" story arc, which Devil's Due is promoting as a major event for the book. The future of the series after issue 36 is uncertain, as Devil's Due's licence with Hasbro expires.

Storm Shadow
This series written by Larry Hama lasted seven issues and focused on former Cobra and G.I. Joe team member Storm Shadow. The series began in May of 2007, and, while not bearing the "America's Elite" subtitle, the events occur in the same time frame as the main series.

Data Desk Handbook
An original one-shot published files for G.I. Joe America's Elite main characters at the launch of the series. The files are presented as computer entries written by General Joseph Colton. Several other files were later published in individual issues of America's Elite, Special Missions and several trade paperback volumes. An updated version in two issues (A-M and [N-Z which is not in torrent]) was released in October and November 2007.

The Hunt for Cobra Commander
This one-shot issue was set in the year between the Devil's Due A Real American Hero series and America's Elite series and featured G.I Joe team member Spirit.

Special Missions
A series of one-shots featuring reservist Joes, and set in different parts of the world. The series bears the subtitle America's Elite.

The various Declassified series and one-shots explore the origins of the characters, and are set before #1 of Marvel's G.I. Joe series.

G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers
The second mini-series was a follow-up to the first story. Cybertronian technology has augumented both G.I. Joe and Cobra's forces, who are still fighting each other. During a battle, an accident causes several Joes and members of Cobra to be accidentally transported to Cybertron. The backlash of the accident also pulls several Transformers to Earth as well as scattering them through time.

The third mini-series, entitled The Art of War followed on from the second mini-series, using elements of the first. The new story focused on a reimagined version of Serpentor, in this continuity a cyborg created from the DNA of great warleaders and the mechanical components of Megatron. Inadvertently freed by a Cobra raid, Serpentor journeyed to Cybertron. Now Hawk, Grimlock and the other Autobots and Joes must stop him before he takes the Autobot Matrix of Leadership for himself.
A fourth mini-series consisting of two double-sized issues, entitled Black Horizon, was released in early 2007. After Hawk resigned from G.I. Joe in the wake of the events of "The Art of War", he formed a loose alliance with the Autobots to stop the spread of Cybertronian technology. However, a much bigger threat looms: the serpent cult Cobra-La and the dark god of the Transformers Unicron.

G.I. Joe Reloaded
G.I. Joe Reloaded was an ongoing series published by Devil's Due. The comic featured a more realistic take on the G.I. Joe universe and used altered versions of the main characters. Snake-Eyes is Storm Shadow's half-brother and a former Cobra agent, the African-American woman Carla "Doc" Greer is G.I. Joe's field medic as opposed to the character Carl "Doc" Greer from the main comic universe, and one of the Joes is an undercover Cobra agent who betrays the group. The series was preceded by the Cobra Reborn and G.I. Joe Reborn one-shots which introduced the main characters and featured the formation of G.I. Joe and the Cobra Organization. The series had no connection to the main comic series and was canceled after fourteen issues due to low sales.

G.I. Joe: Sigma 6
Written for a younger audience, G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 is a six-issue series based on the new G.I. Joe toyline from Hasbro and the animated TV series of the same name. While the stories don't fit into the main comic universe, the characters largely have the same personas: Hawk is commanding officer, Duke is field leader, and there is a connection between the ninjas Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow.

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    Hi there, I'm from Brazil and here we had only the earler GIJoe comics from Marvel. I was really anxious about this III War in Americas Elite, because of the art of penciler Mike Bear and the 25th anniversary of the Joes. So, first of all: thanks!!! But then, I got to say the issue 25 (the one I was wainting for most) is kinda corrupted... I don't know. But none of the torrents I downloaded could open the .cbr/.rar file. Can anybody help me? And what about the issues 30-36? Are they meant to come for download? Sorry my bad English and big thanks!

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 7/31/2008 12:22:00 AM  

    Sorry Daniel coudnt find issues 30-36. I did not download the entire collection so do not know about issue 25 correction. Did you try repairing the RAR archive using WinRAR? Sometimes that works. Goodlcuk and if we find more issues we'll definitely post.

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    After doing a quick run around the net, I couldn't find these either, anyone have 25, and 30-36?

    I read the whole thing again, just to get to 25 with everything fresh in my mind and found the file corrupt... :|

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