We've been posting information about trackers that are currently open for signup since the beginning of this year. Apart from a few, almost all of them have been general 0Day sites such as RevolutionTT and  SuperTorrents. Here is something different for you; a torrent tracker with a lot of magic stuff. By 'magic' we mean actual magic tricks, card tricks videos, books etc.


Tracker open as of 8.05 PM Sri Lankan Time (+5.30 GMT), on 27/2/2008

Site Name: Art of Misdirection (AoM)

Signup URL: http://artofmisdirection.com/account-signup.php

Categories: The following subcategories are present under DVD/ISO,  DVD/RIP and Ebooks sections

  • Balloons
  • Bizzare
  • Cards
  • Cards/Gaffed
  • Cards/Self-Working
  • Cards/Sleight
  • Close-up
  • Coins
  • Coins/Gaffed
  • Group Buy
  • Juggling
  • Levitation
  • Mentalism
  • Money
  • Other
  • Rings
  • Rope
  • Television/Movie
  • XCM
  • Biography
  • History
  • Lecture Notes
  • Other
  • Presentation
  • Rare


  • Stats Seeded: 2,457 Torrents
  • Dead: 431 Torrents Total: 2,888 Torrents
  • New Today: 24
  • Local Seeders: 17,322
  • Local Leechers: 909
  • Local Peers: 926
  • Downloaded: 60.59 TB
  • Uploaded: 106.90 TB

Note: Tracker mentioned above is open for new registrations at the time of post. We cannot comment on the duration they will remain open. Chances are that Signups will close after a short while so register as soon as possible.

Update: It seems the open signup was cause by a bug.

From their shoutbox:

27th Feb, 2:51pm
kmyst: I am tracing all incorrect sign ups. They will be disabled as I work through it in the next hour or so

27th Feb, 2:47pm
Starfish: I think it may be a bug as they are not supposed to be open - i think

27th Feb, 2:46pm
cYbOrG: Any idea how long is Signups gonna be open for?

Update 2: It's official. All new accounts created today will be deleted. Damn them!


  1. Unknown // 4/26/2008 11:40:00 PM  

    you have some news about this ?