Nordic-T and TorrentBytes (TB) open for signup

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 2/25/2008 | 0 Comments »

These are considered to be elite private trackers and they are open for signup as of now.

Note: Trackers mentioned below are open at the time of post. We cannot comment on the duration they will remain open. Chances are that Signups will close after a short while so register as soon as possible. Following trackers are open as of 6.11 PM Sri Lankan Time (+5.30 GMT), on 25/2/2008


Site Name: Nordic-T


Site Name: TorrentBytes (TB)

  • Signup URL:
  • Category: General 0Day
  • If you get the user limit reached message keep trying. It worked for us anyway.
  • Captcha is insanely hard to recognize and is case sensitive.
  • Read the FAQ and Rules (open them and scroll) during the registration process (before the countdown reaches 0 and you hit 'signup').
  • Use Upper case + Lower case characters and and a minimum 10 characters in your Password (or signup will fail).
  • If you mess any of the above up, you will have to keep trying again till you get the registration form.
  • Torrents 3181
  • Peers 75,782
  • Seeders 67,890
  • Leechers 7,892