SWiSH Zone products allow you to perform a wide range of animation/audio/video related activities ranging from Flash video creation to audio editing. SWiSH Zone became a notable entity in the software market when they released SWiSH; an application which allowed users to create flash animations with ease. Since then, SWiSH Zone has been adding a lot of new software to their arsenal. Their flagship application SWiSH saw major version upgrades and is now called SWiSH MAX.

Image: A screenshot of SWiSHMax; one of the most popular applications among SWiSHZone's offerings.

Included in this pack:

  • SWiSH Studio
    Convert your Flash movies to EXEs, screensavers or burn directly to CD-ROM and DVD.
  • SWiSH Max
    The ultimate Flash authoring tool. SWiSH Max has everything you need to create interactive Flash animations.
  • SWiSH Pix
    Create Flash photo albums in minutes, complete with clip art, music and preloaders.
  • SWiSH Video2
    Convert your videos to Flash and display on the web in minutes.
  • SWiSH Presenter
    Convert your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Flash at the click of a button.
  • Flash Templates
    Professionally designed royalty-free Flash templates for SWiSH Max.

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