FaceGen Modeller 3.1.2

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FaceGen Modeller can be quite an addictive application if you get used to it. It does exactly what its name suggests; generate human faces! It even allows you to modify faces from your own photographs.


  • Instant, realistic face creation:
    • Generate realistic faces at random for any race, gender and adult age group.
    • Easily create faces from one or more photographs.
    • Over 50 symmetric and 25 asymmetric shape controls.
    • Over 30 coloring (texture) controls.
    • Quickly shape faces to match almost any adult human face.
    • Apply detailed skin textures.
  • Flexible import options:
    • Match faces to your photographs.
    • Bring in your own head mesh and hairstyle models using the FaceGen Customizer.
    • Import your own texture images onto any object.
  • Flexible export options:
    • Apply your face to any of our hi-res, med-res and lo-res meshes.
    • Or apply your face to your own mesh and UV layout using the FaceGen Customizer.
    • Save your faces in the FaceGen FG format and apply them later to any mesh.
    • Export models to 3DS, Maya ASCII (ma), Lightwave 6 (LWO), OBJ, XSI, VRML1, VRML97 and STL.
    • Export texture maps to BMP, JPEG, TGA and TIFF.
    • Transform the coordinate system of your exports.
  • Instant Animatability:
    • Comes with 36 expressions, phonemes and modifiers.
    • Blendshapes appear automatically in Maya.
    • Endomorphs appear automatically in Lightwave and are easily hooked up in MotionBuilder or any other application that reads LWO files.
    • Morph targets appear automatically in Softimage 3D and XSI.
    • Morph targets are batch exported in a single command for users of Max (via OBJ or 3DS), and for any other application that reads OBJ, 3DS, VRML1/97 or STL.
    • Animation morphs are mesh-specific and are not included with some of the add-on meshes.

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  2. Bacon // 8/07/2009 10:37:00 AM  

    I cant get this program to run i know this blogs 2 years old but yeah could you reply I cant get the photofit function to work