After team Paradox broke Windows Vista's activation system with an ingenious BIOS emulation crack, many other crackers have been updating and adding enhancements to Paradox's crack. One such popular crack (which added automation to the whole cracking process) was released by cLoNy. Now, STRO has released another new version which features a sleek UI and more options!

Latest enhancement to the Paradox crack allows the users to select the brand of the computer which's BIOS they wish to emulate. Enhanced crack also lets you choose OEM logos of your choice. Also included in the package is the Windows Vista Product ID Checker tool.

Does this crack involve any BIOS modification?

No, It does not flash or modify your BIOS in any way. The crack adds a software driver which runs as a background process in Windows Vista environment. This driver will emulate the BIOS of an OEM (branded) computer of your choice.

Does this work on 64 bit versions?

There is a high chance that this crack will work on 64-bit Vista versions. However, it has failed on 64-bit versions occasionally due to unknown reasons.

Does this work on Ultimate version of Vista?

This should work on all versions of Vista including the ultimate version. In rare occasions, it has failed to activate Vista versions which were not clean installed (upgraded over XP).

Will my BIOS information display change?

The emulated BIOS information will be shown in software environments. If you installed an OEM logo, it will be displayed in My computer just like in branded personal computers.


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