Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) is the world's most used instant messaging client. Version 8.1 ended a long beta testing phase and the final build was recently released to the public. Although this is a free application, it is ad supported. That means you get text advertisements in chat windows and animating GIF images (annoying) in the main program window. Dont worry there are patches to get rid of these ads; keep reading this article.

Notable new features in WLM

  • Yahoo messenger integration
  • Easy to use, feature rich user interface which allows one click instantt messaging
  • Voice calling / Voice chat
  • Video conversations
  • File sharing options
  • Text Messaging (unfortunately, no Srilankan networks are supported. But most major networks in the US and UK are supported)
  • Two way adress book
  • Windows Live Alerts, Windows Live Spaces integration.
  • Plus many more

Get Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0178: Download Now! (Direct Download)

Patches and Hacks

WLM is created and maintained by Microsoft. Every MIcrosoft software comes with a certain amount of junk and bloatware. WLM is no exception. Ads that eat up RAM and annoy the user, unwanted buttons and panes are to name a few. Fortunately, and Apatch have come up with patches to remove junk and to enhance Windows Live Messenger. You can use any of the patches incuded below to mod messenger to your liking. To prevent compatibility issues, we suggest you not use both patches at the same time. Out of the two listed below, our favorite is the mess patch. But that doesnt mean A-Patch is bad.

Mess Patch

This patch is a favorite among WLM users. It's been around for quite a while and is now in generation 5.It contains a whopping 35 features, fixes and hacks for WLM incuing ad removal, nudge protection disable, polygamy support and many more!

Download Mess Patch for WLM 8.1.0178

Patch homepage


A-Patch, developed by, is another handy patch which contains a total of 71 tweaks, hacks and mods. Some of the notable features of this patch are ad removal, idle status modification, polygamy support and user interface customizations.

Download A-Patch for WLM 8.1.0178

Patch homepage



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