Skype 3.00.29

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Skype is a popular internet telephony network. You can make free, high clarity PC to PC phone calls (PC to Phone calls can be made upon subscription) with ease. It gives you a sense of next generation communication with audio and video conferencing facilities, ability to send/receive files, text chat and many more other options. Unlimited free SMS to selected networks in European and American countries are also available.

It works just like Windows Live Messenger: Both parties have to be logged into Skype using their PCs and you can can talk all day long! This is specially useful to talk to relatives and friends abroad and Skype will reduce your IDD bills by 100%. The only con about this nice piece of software is's subscription scheme cant be cracked. So, to make PC to landline phone calls, you'll have to pay and purchase a plan from Skype.(mind you Skype tariff for PC-to Landline is way below IDD rates)

We've tested this application with local 512k/2048k ADSL connections and Dial up alike. ADSL gave us no problems. Minor stuttering occurred with dial up but it's nothing to worry about.

How to get it:

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  1. Claire // 2/03/2012 12:35:00 PM  

    My skype has this bugs now: i get a message only after i send one. if i don't send anything i don't get what others sent me. it's killing me!
    and now i can get files only the person who sends them is online. same with messages. i don't know what happened
    mkv to avi