Tri Forces of Srilanka: Videos

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This post is a tribute to the armed forces of Srilanka. Posted below is a collection of videos that are available on YouTube/ Some videos contain SLA/SLAF/SLN military offensives, some contain footage of brutal LTTE attacks and some contain footage of SLA arms demonstrations. 

LTTE Arms Ship being chased: Video shows LTTE arms ship being chased by the Srilankan Navy.

LTTE arms ship hit: Video shows LTTE arms ship on fire after being hit by SLAF Kfir Bombers and SLNS Samudura Attack Craft

Sampoor Attack: Watch the SLA armoured divisions and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Special Forces regiments break through LTTE defence lines to capture eastern rebel enclave; Sampoor.

UAV footage of Wrecked Jordinian Ship: Shows video footage of the wrecked Jordanian ship.

Sencholai LTTE training camp bombing: Footage of LTTE training camp in the middle of jungle.

Multi Barrel Rocket Fire: Watch the SLA use RM-70 Multi Barrel Rockets to pound rebel positions in the North.

LTTE Attack on Sri Maha Bodhiya: A documentary on the brutal LTTE attack on Sri Maha Bodhiya, which killed over 120 civillians.

Mavil Aru Mission: Watch the Srilankan Defence Forces liberate MavilAru and clear the waterway whihc was blocked by the LTTE.

LTTE weapons trawler attacked: SLN Fast Attack Squadron takes on LTTE arms ferrying trawler.

Air Force Gunship Fleet: Footage of SLAF Gunships.

SLA Ground Attack: SLA ground forces.

SLAF Fleet Video: Slideshow of SLAF aircraft fleet. Contains images of Kfir/Mig27/F-7 Skybolt/Pucara and transport aircraft. 

SLN Fleet: Footage of SLN fleet.

SLAF Video: SLAF fleet video.

SLA Video: In tribute to the tri forces of srilanka.

More than 150000 troops are risking their lives everyday to protect this country from terrorist attacks. FILEnetworks salutes the defenders of the nation.