Romania based private tracker XTRME ZONE now has open signups. The site has nearly 10000 torrents indexed and more than 20000 users. 

There are several features that make this tracker somewhat different from your average private tracker. First things we noticed were some huge movie packs which had the tag 'TL'; possibly obtained from TorrentLeech (how they ended up in XTREME ZONE we don't know - but if you are one of those souls who was wishing to get into TL and couldn't, this may be welcome news). These packs as well as many other torrents on the site are on freeleech (only your upload is counted - better ratio). XTREMEZONE also has separate menus for general content, music and adult content. The site also has another feature that is rarely found on private trackers; a requests section.


Site Name: Xtreme Zone v2.1 

Signup URL:

Description: General content - both scene and non scene releases. Some cool packs and of course - free leech on some torrents! Almost all English content apart from a few movies with Romanian subtitles (easily recognizable from the 'RoSubs' tag in title).


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