(not to be confused wit is currently open for new signups. TorrentBits is a Romania based bittorrent tracker that tracks a lot of movies, music, apps, games and ebooks. Unlike scene releases exclusive sites such as SceneTorrents (SCT), TorrentBits indexes both scene and non scene p2p releases (90% of the content is English). The site tracks over 10000 torrents and has over 60000 members which are both good numbers for a private tracker.

Site Name: Torrentbits

Signup URL:


  • Anime-Manga
  • Appz-PDA
  • Appz_PC-ISO
  • Cartoons
  • Dox
  • Games-PS1-Ps2
  • Games-PSP
  • Games-Xbox
  • Games-Xbox360
  • Games_PC-ISO
  • Hindi
  • HR-XViD
  • Mac-OS
  • MISC
  • Movies-SVCD
  • Movies-XviD
  • Movies_DVD-R
  • Movies_DVD-RO
  • Music
  • Music-DVD
  • Music-Video
  • Nuke
  • Sport
  • TBS-Pack
  • TV-XviD
  • x264
  • x264ro
  • XXX

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