I don't know how this will be useful for you guys but am posting this anyway for the sake of passing the news. Fake Name Generator is a free online service that generates fake identity information with the click of a button.


At first this may not seem like a big deal as anyone would be able to create a fake name for themselves if they at least possess the imagination of a doorknob. Fake Name Generator not only generates a fake name. It generates an address, contact details, family details, web site details, e-mail accounts, visa card numbers and even UPS tracking numbers; all fake. The best part is that it only generates web site addresses and e-mail addresses that are actually available for registering.

Here is a sample fake ID i generated using the site (and it took around 1 seconds):

Anthony A. Wadsworth
4340 Wakefield Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Website: Demitune.com
It looks like Demitune.com is available! Click here to register it!
Email Address: AnthonyAWadsworth@fontdrift.com
This is a real email address. Click here to use it!

Phone: 215-419-5135
Mother's maiden name: Chavies
Birthday: September 6, 1951

MasterCard: 5142 7635 9470 2574
Expires: 4/2011
SSN: 176-46-1646
UPS Tracking Number: 1Z 23F 126 43 8781 557 9

Currently i have no use of this web site but it sure looks and acts cool.

Click here to visit Fake Name Generator.