Where to find subtitles for TV shows

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There are a lot of folks among us who use bit torrent (and other means) to download TV Shows. If the show is not in your language, you may feel the need for good old subtitles. But where can you find them? Most subtitle sites host subtitles for movies but are there sites dedicated to providing tv series subs? Fortunately, the answer is yes.


TVsubtitles.net is one such site. As the name suggests, its main focus is on subtitles for tv shows. As of 3/4/2008, the site index stats are as follows:

  • Total subtitles: 11702
  • TV Shows: 157
  • TV Episodes: 8537
  • Downloads: 2714866

Go check it out now.

So i got the subtitle, how do i use it with my favorite show?

This is a question most of you know the answer to. But if you don't, that's ok; everybody's gotta learn.

Lets assume that your movie (or tvshow or whatever) file is mymov.avi and the subtitle file you just downloaded for this movie is mysubtitle.srt.

First of all you need to place these two files in the same directory.

Then you need to rename the files so that the file names look similar (Do not rename the file extensions).

Example- If you choose to rename the subtitle file:

Rename mysubtitle.srt to mymov.srt

Now you will have two files mymov.avi and mymov.srt

Place these two in the same folder and if you use even a half decent media player it should play the movie with subs just fine.


  1. kayhaytha // 4/04/2008 09:33:00 AM  

    Thanks a million for this vital tip. I always wondered how the two files should be linked. I thought of copying one file into the other.
    I guess the same method is adopted when linking subtitle files with movies, right ?

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 4/04/2008 09:51:00 AM  

    Kayhaytha yes it's the same method with movies, tv shows and any other video file that support subtitles.

    There may be variations of subtitle file formats such as .srt, .sub and .txt. In all cases rename the file without changing the file extension and it should work fine.

  3. Anonymous // 5/08/2008 08:38:00 PM  

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