Here is some good news for the unfortunate souls who've got P2P traffic filtered by ISP or blocked by a firewall (usually the case with schools, workplaces etc). The new service from ImageShack might just save your asses.


The main idea behind the new service is that ImageShack will download the torrent to their own server and provide you with a link to the stored file. You can then use this link to download the content tracked by the torrent file as a direct HTTP download.

Some quick facts about the service:

  • There is no need for you to have a BT client running or to seed back.
  • IF your network enables downloading files via HTTP, this service should work without having to make additional configuration changes.
  • You can use download managers on the direct link.
  • Monthly download limit is capped at 15GB per user.
  • ImageShack server storage capacity is capped at 15GB at any given time.
  • You have to point the direct link to the .torrent file.

How it is done

Step 1: Login/signup to imageshack

Step 2: Visit the service homepage.

Step 3: Select the .torrent file you wish to download.


You can either give the path to .torrent file in your hard disk or directly link to the .torrent file located in BT site.

Step 4: Start the download image

Step 5: Once download is complete, use the direct link to directly download content to your hard drive via HTTP.

The service is currently in beta. And you may not get enough storage capacity immediately after you join as they are still in the process of allocating storage space for users. But it sure looks promising.