No matte what antivirus you've installed, chances are high that you were at least once bitten in the ass by one of these bad boys. Here is a nice little program that will prevent such nasties from executing their malicious payload.

USB FireWall blocks viruses and other wilful programs which try to spread in your system when an USB device is inserted. The application runs in background task and alerts you immediately in case of try of intrusion. You can stop the program and delete the file associate with.


USB FireWall doesnt need any virus definition update. USB FireWall can too clean your hard disk partition from auto started program. Version 1.1.2 can now clean all type of partition from autosarted program and fixed some bugs

This app is free. You can download it from here.


  1. NIPUL // 4/30/2008 12:35:00 AM  

    i use lan for dwnl films. recently out internet service provider got information about lan and he stopped lan sharing. we however managed to start the lan again but now i am getting very less speed while other are able to upload from me in mbps i am able to dwnl in only few kbps(10-20kbps). how can i dwnl in mbps like other. is there any setting that can help me in dwnl in that speed. i use strong dc++ for lan sharing. i tried apex dc++ but the result was same. please help me its urgent.