Scene group ViTALiTY cracks Mass Effect

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/08/2008 | | 2 Comments »

Mass Effect has been a game which really challenged the game scene in the recent times. After a RELOADED / DETONATION release which was nuked, there have been many user developed cracks around to fix the various game anomalies caused by the SECUROM triggers which the crackers had initially missed. Now a scene group finally seems to have nailed the game's copy protection once and for all.

Group ViTALiTY (the same guys who've been PROPERing almost every recent RELOADED release) has just released a ISO of Mass Effect which they claim to be fully working without the bugs such as the galaxy map bug, save games bug, weapons overheating bug, etc etc.

P.S - The earlier RELOADED release has subsequently been nuked! banned.abuse_bad.crack_get.vitality

The ViTALiTY release has already made its way to several elite torrent trackers as well as Usenet so it should be a matter of minutes till it spreads around the Internet including your favorite public torrent trackers.