Popular Romania  based private bittorrent tracker SceneFZ is now accepting new users. That means you can join the usually closed tracker without an invitation or a Romania based SMS number.

SceneFZ is an excellent general 0day tracker with almost 99% English content. Their minimum ratio requirement is 0.3 so this tracker is suitable even if you are the owner of a connection with a fairly low upload speed.


Site Name: SceneFZ

Signup URL: http://scenefz.net/index.php (Click on the signup link - browser must have JavaScript enabled)

Statistics (At the time of post)

  • Max. Users: 45.000
  • Max Invites: 45000
  • Registered Users: 39,066
  • Pending Users: 4,963
  • Disabled Users: 915
  • Accounts Left:5934
  • Torrents: 10,915

From what we know, signups will be open till 20th of April.


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