MacDrive 7 : Read Mac disks in Windows

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With MacDrive on a Windows PC no longer are Mac disks ignored and unable to be used. MacDrive helps Mac disks act and appear like normal Windows disks. You can drag-and-drop to copy files
in either direction, or double-click to open documents directly from Mac disks.


Whether you are transferring files between home and the office, a class room lab and your dorm room or even on the same computer, MacDrive makes it painless. In fact, you'll hardly know MacDrive is working. Once installed MacDrive will automatically give you access to any Mac disk you pop into your computer. MacDrive even puts an "apple" icon on the Mac disk, just to keep things clear. You can access files on the Mac disk just like you would with a Windows formatted disk. Open files from the disk or from within a program. Mac files automatically get the right icons and file name extensions under both Windows and Mac OS. Works great with software from Microsoft, Adobe, Quark, FileMaker, Avid, Digidesign, Corel, NewTek and more. MacDrive doesn't stop there. You can create Mac disks for file transfers and backups using the MacDrive CD/DVD Creator. Need to partition or repair a Mac hard drive? No problem. The MacDrive Disk Manager gives you the power to partition, format, analyze and even repair disks.

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