CuteFTP Pro 8.1.0

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CuteFTP Professional is mainly a FTP client program and its used for transferring files between your PC and remote computers anywhere on the Internet, securely and efficiently, over multiple Internet protocols. Its built-in Connection Wizard will walk you through connecting to an FTP site in seconds and its user-friendly interface will have you transferring files in no time, even if you are a beginner. Whether publishing a Web page, downloading the latest digital images, software and music or transferring high-volume files between branch offices.
CuteFTP Professional provides simple yet powerful tools for tackling the complex challenges of data management and helps achieve HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

General Features:

  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Compatible
  • Windows 2003 & IIS6 Compatible
  • Compliant with RFC 959, 2228, 2389, 2289 & More
  • Compliant with OpenSSL Libraries 0.9.7d
  • Compliant with ZLIB Libraries 1.2.1
  • Compliant with latest secsh (Secure Shell) drafts
  • Fast Startup (Delay Loaded Components)

Transfers :

  • Concurrent Transfers from Multiple Sites
  • Multi-part (Accelerated) Transfers
  • Compressed (ZIP, CAB, GZIP/TARBALL) Transfers
  • Streaming Compressed Transfers (MODE Z)
  • Transfer Integrity Checking (CRC Checksum)
  • Resume Interrupted Transfer Support
  • Scheduled Transfers & Tasks
  • Bandwidth Throttling Controls
  • Site-to-Site Transfers
  • Advanced Transfer Queue
  • Filtered Transfers
  • Manual Transfers
  • Transfer Auto-rename Options
  • Transfer Auto Change-Case Options
  • Configurable Overwrite Rules
  • Transfer Remote & Local Timestamp Controls
  • After Transfer Events Controls
  • Transfer/Receive Buffer Controls
  • Auto-detect Data Transfer Mode (PASV / PORT)
  • Auto-detect Transfer Type (ASCII / Binary)
  • Cut, Copy, Paste Transfers)
  • Drag 'n Drop and Menu-based Transfers

Connectivity :

  • Multiple FTP Server Host Type Support
  • Concurrent Connections to Multiple Sites
  • Step-by-Step Connection Wizard
  • Quick Connect "Address Bar"
  • Site Manager (Address Book)
  • Site Manager Import / Export
  • 3rd Party Address Book Importer
  • Data Port Range Limiter
  • NAT Auto-detect (Port Mapping)
  • HTTP Proxy Support
  • Manual Configuration of Proxy Settings
  • Auto-detect Windows Proxy Settings
  • Socks 4 & 5 Proxy Support
  • EPSV and EPRT (IPv6) Support
  • IP/Port Range Control
  • OnStartup Connection Events
  • OnConnect Switch to Folder Options
  • Configurable Connection Keep Alive Feature
  • DUN/LAN Integration and Options
  • Cached Connections for Offline Browsing
  • Multiple Folder Caching Options
  • Per Site & Global Connection Options

Security :

  • SSL v3 (TLS) Support
  • SSL Implicit (Port 990) Support
  • SSL Explicit (AUTH SSL) Support
  • SSL Client & Server Certificate Support
  • SSL Certificate Creation Wizard
  • SSL Certificate Local Trusted Store
  • SSL Use Windows Trusted Root CA Store
  • SSL "Strong" Keys up to 4096 bits
  • SSL Clear Command or Data Channel Option
  • SSL Site-to-Site (SSCN) Transfers
  • HTTPS (HTTP over SSL Connections)
  • SSH2 Secure Shell (SFTP) Support
  • SSH2 Password & Public Key Authentication
  • SSH2 Identify File Creation Wizard (RSA/DSA Keys)
  • SSH2 Sec. Key Password Store or Prompt Option
  • SSH2 Cipher, Mac, Compression Options
  • SSH2 Remote Rename & ASCII Transfers
  • SSH2 Trusted Identity Store
  • OTP (One Time Password) MD4 & MD5 Logins
  • Blowfish Encrypted Site Manager Option
  • Password Storage and Access Policies

Management :

  • Script/Macro Recording & Playback
  • COM Interface / Scripting
  • Folder Synchronization Tool
  • Folder Comparison Tool
  • Local Folder Monitoring Tool
  • Site Backup & Archival Tool
  • Integrated Full Screen Text/HTML Editor
  • Remote "Server Side" ASCII File Editing
  • Thumbnail view of image files
  • Bookmark Frequent Paths
  • Custom Command Create / Edit / Playback
  • Manual FTP Command Insertion
  • Custom Command Create / Edit / Playback
  • Remote File & Folder Permissions Editor
  • File/Folder Property/CHMOD Display & Modify

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