If there was an award for the ‘private tracker that changed its URL most number of times’, eBookVortex may probably win it. If you were a member of this well known E-Learning tracker and tried to access the site via its old URL (http://www.ebookvortex.net), you’ll notice that it’s no longer accessible. Yep – you guessed correct – they’ve changed the URL for what seems like the millionth time. Anyways it’s not a big deal – no data has been lost and all user accounts, torrents and ratio stats remain unchanged. However if you were downloading a torrent from EBookVortex, you’ll have to re-download it to continue seeding.


Following is a mass E-mail sent to all existing members of the tracker:

New URL is http://www.ebookvortex.com

Everyone will need to redownload the .torrent to continue seeding.

- eBookVortex Staff

If I remember correctly, EBV used to have this very same domain a few months back before they switched to ebv.net. Anyways if you are downloading or seeding any torrents downloaded when the site had the old domain, you’ll have to re-download them since tracker address too has changed with this latest move.

eBookVortex has been around for ages but lately,it hasn’t been the most active E-Learning tracker, specially when compared to the likes of PureTorrents. However it still does track a significant number of torrents (~1000 including packs) and has a decent user base of 16000 members. You can read more about eBookVortex and see screenshots here, in our recent review of it. If you are not an existing member of EBV but interested in getting in, signups are still open.

Site Name: eBookVortex ( http://www.ebookvortex.com )

Signup URL: http://www.ebookvortex.com/account-signup.php


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