FlacShare is currently down and now there is a void in the DDL space for a new specialized FLAC music forum. What The Flac (WTF :p ) is here to fill the gap. It’s a brand new Direct Download Link (DDL) forum which focuses mainly on lossless music encoded using the FLAC codec – you can find and download discographies, full albums, official soundtrack (OST) and more here. Started by an encoder of HD-UNiT3D forum, WTF aims to become a well known destination on the internet for lossless music downloads. The site is currently open for registration and is accepting new members – however, doors won’t remain open for long since they are planning to go invite only at the start of next month. 

What The Flac Logo

What The Flac is by all means a new site. It’s barely two weeks old and is just starting up. Currently there are around 200 uploads indexed but this number is expected to grow in the coming days. WTF has a mix of scene and non scene content but non scene uploads make up for the majority of the DDL links present on site.

Speaking of DDL links, WTF does not host any of files on its own servers. Files are uploaded to services such as Hotfile and only the verified download link is posted in forum threads. Most of the files are password protected and usually the required password can also be found in the same forum thread.

As its name suggests, WTF is primarily a FLAC music DDL forum. However, there are plans to enrich the collection with some MP3 albums as well. A screenshot of the downloads section on WTF forums should give you a better idea on the sort of content you can find here:

What The Flac Index

As of right now, WTF is an open registration DDL forum (all accounts need to be manually activated by the administrator – you will not be able to see the downloads section until this is done). They will become invite only from the 1st of February onwards. Anyways if you seek to download lossless music off the internet, this site might be worth checking out.

Site Name: What The Flac (http://whattheflac.net)

Registration URL: http://whattheflac.net/forum/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register

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Special thanks to Onessa for the information.


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    hey. hope you don't mind. do you have an invite that i can use? thanks.

  4. Onessa // 4/01/2011 09:42:00 PM  

    open registration for today only.


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    open registration and lots of new stuff i wont mention in comments come see for yourself

    we have ssl certificate (but its self signed need to accept both certificates and save them preferably so u dont get untrusted warning everytime u visit site)


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    moved to whattheflac.me/forum/

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