ElbitZ is yet another decent E-Learning/E-Book tracker which is currently open for signups. The site tracks nearly 6000 torrents and has a good user base. If you are interested, you may create an account for free.


Site Name: ElbitZ.NET

Signup URL: http://elbitz.net/signup.php


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  1. DigitalTV // 5/06/2008 04:52:00 PM  

    dear LSP

    Pls give us a antivirus corporate version that eats less memory !

    I used Norton corporate edition 7.6 and upgraded to v 10.
    Now the workstations got very very slow !!

    Pls give us a light weight one

    can we update NOD32 definition from another updated computer?

  2. nattmiii // 11/15/2008 01:37:00 PM  

    Dear Sir,

    I am waiting for time to register your link as 'http://elbitz.net/signup.php". Until today of 15 november, It is still blocking.
    I am very eager to join as a member as law student. Please reply mail.
    Here is my mail ,nattmiii@gmail.com.

    with regards,