World in Conflict

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From old school copy protection-pwning scene group Fairlight (FLT) comes yet another popular PC game release. We've got only one comment about the game; If you are a RTS fan, it's a must play.

World in Conflict presents a chillingly authentic Cold War scenario created by best-selling author Larry Bond -- the year is 1989, and the Soviets, fearing certain collapse, boldly attack Europe. NATO responds in force only to be met on a second front -- a full-fledged invasion of the American homeland. Players take on the role of field commander, leading the era's most powerful military machines in the campaign to retake America's cities and suburbs.


  • Super-Powered Warfare: Unleash the arsenals of the great military superpowers in the gripping single-player story created by Larry Bond
  • Bleeding-Edge Graphics – The latest version of Massive’s proprietary Masstech engine allows for a full 360 degree range of camera control and features advanced lighting and physics effects
  • Complete Destructibility – As the battle rages, the world environment pays the price — every object in the game will crumble under the force of war, including cars, buildings and forests
  • Deep Multiplayer Modes: Using Massive’s proprietary Massgate multiplayer server system, World in Conflict will support up to 16 players for head-to-head and team-based battles
  • Real World Units: Players will take control of the most devastating arsenal of military weaponry ever created, including Soviet, American and NATO tanks, planes, trucks, troops and helicopters as well as nuclear weapons
  • Player Roles – Players will choose to play as Infantry, Armor, Support Forces, or Aerial specialists; multiplayer teams will need to master each role for maximum effectiveness



System Requirements:

  • O/S: Windows® XP, Vista operating system (32-bit)
  • CPU Single-core: 2.5 Ghz or faster (2.8 GHz for Windows Vista)
  • CPU Dual-core: Any Intel® or AMD®
  • RAM: 1 GB (1.5 GB for Windows Vista)
  • Hard Drive: 2.0 GB available hard drive space
  • Video: 128 MB video RAM, DirectX® 9.0c compatible (GeForce® 4 MX, Radeon® 8500, 9200 not supported)
  • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible
  • Input: Keyboard and mouse
  • Internet connection: Cable/DSL

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  1. Ramishka // 9/23/2007 01:09:00 PM  
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  2. Ramishka // 9/23/2007 01:17:00 PM  
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  3. Pulkit Chawla // 9/23/2007 10:35:00 PM  

    hey ramishka

    pls. help me with graphics card .............i gotta buy a new one & latest which support most of the games.....Kindly suggest a latest new one along with its compatibility with the processor & operating system....yourhelp would be gr8

  4. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 9/26/2007 11:14:00 PM  

    Well if you are looking for a new and lateset model better go with Geforce 8000 series or the Radeon R600 (X2000) series.

    Geforce 8:

    Radeon R600:

    You motherboard needs to have a PCI-Express X16 slot as these cards are not available for AGP based boards.
    You might also need to install a new power supply if the card you purchase require additional power/need external power (if the card consumes above 75Watts it will need external power from power supply as the PCI-E slot can only supply 75W of power). This depends on the card manufacturer.

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